Ouhout Meubels

Store Information

OUHOUT MEUBELS is the most dynamic and trusted hand-made furniture manufacturers of our time.

To keep up with the high end market we serve today, OUHOUT MEUBELS has nine well established stores in the Western Cape, which have the widest variety of full Grain Leather Sofas, Solid Wood Furniture, and fabric couches available.

Clients can choose from various types of solid wood like: Oregon, Blackwood, Pine, and Sleeper wood, Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Tulip, Rubber, Yellowwood, Kiaat, Jarra, Ironwood, Teak, and Ash.

The choice is further extended by unique finishes like: paint technique, French Antique, Lime Wash, White Wash, colour wash, staining, and either the smooth or rustic finishes of Sleeper wood.

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